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'Madden NFL 15' update will remove Ray Rice after indefinite suspension

Billy Steele

After another video of an incident between he and his then-fiancée surfaced Monday, the Baltimore Ravens cut star running back Ray Rice. Now, he'll be removed from Madden NFL 15, too. EA Sports has confirmed that it plans to nix Rice from the Ravens depth chart with a pending update, and that the player won't be available as a free agent either. "With Ray Rice's indefinite suspension from the NFL, he will be removed from Madden NFL 15," EA told us in a statement. "This roster change will take place by this Friday." Rice had already been suspended by the NFL for two games based on footage that surfaced over the summer showing him dragging an unconscious woman from a hotel elevator. The latest revelation from TMZ (warning: graphic) showed him punching his now wife during the altercation in Atlantic City. This has become common practice for EA as it removed Aaron Hernandez from Madden NFL 25 and NCAA 14 last summer following his arrest for first-degree murder. Nike has also nixed Rice's endorsement deal, and the Ravens are allowing fans to return jerseys to the team's stores.

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