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Kia's electric Soul will cost you a semi-reasonable $33,700


Kia's reputation for low-cost cars is extending into the electric realm... well, sort of. The company has announced that the Soul EV will start at $33,700 when it reaches the US this fall. That's more expensive than the Nissan Leaf ($28,980) and well outside of budget car territory, so it's not exactly a trivial purchase at first glance. However, that doesn't include the $7,500 federal tax break -- the $26,200 you'll ultimately pay is pretty reasonable for a people-hauler with decent space, a smartphone-savvy infotainment system and (most importantly) very low running costs. The catch is availability. You'll have to wait until the fall to drive a Soul EV off the lot, and it will only be available in a handful of California cities at first; it's going to be a while before you can wander into any old dealership and pick one up.

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