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Dixons Carphone gives hundreds of stricken Phones4u employees new jobs

Matt Brian, @m4tt

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When Phones4u announced its surprise decision to call in the administrators, its 5,600 employees were left facing a very uncertain future. While the retailer is busy figuring out its options, one of it's biggest rivals, Dixons Carphone, has swooped in and offered a lifeline to some Phones4u staff. In a statement today, Dixons Carphone said it has reached an agreement with Phones4u to hire all 800 employees who had worked in a partnership between their stores.

If it sounds confusing, it kind of is. You see, before Dixons and Carphone Warehouse agreed to merge, Phones4u operated small stores-within-a-store in some Currys and PC World branches. That agreement was ongoing at the time of Phones4u's closure, which put Dixons Carphone in a position to bring those 800 Phones4u staff under its own roof. While the majority of employees are still left wondering they'll ever have a job to go back to, there's at least some happy news from what has been a very messy breakup.

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