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Swedish students play a gig with 3D-printed instruments


We might be far from 3D printing everything, but Professor Olaf Diegel from Lund University in Sweden wants everyone to know it already has real-world applications. So, he printed out some working guitars, drums and keyboards, formed a band and recently asked them to play what he claims is the first live concert that uses 3D-printed instruments only at his university. The professor has been designing 3D-printed musical instruments for two years, including a saxophone and the Americana guitar we played with back in 2013, which you can see in the video after the break. He's been involved in many 3D printing projects since the 1990s, though, and was even part of one that worked on shoe inserts for diabetics. Diegel says the technology allows him to create very intricate shapes "impossible to do any other way," paving way for some truly custom-made instruments.

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