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Apple's (probably not broken this time) new iOS 8 update is ready


It's take two for Apple's first update to iOS 8. After the company released a version yesterday that cut off cellular connections and TouchID for the iPhone 6 family, there's a new one available now. According to an Apple spokesperson, less than 40,000 device were affected by yesterday's glitch -- a large number, but maybe not that big when sales of the new devices are already at 10 million and climbing. Version 8.0.2 also carries the fixes we were expecting yesterday which should get HealthKit apps going and fix some third-party keyboard issues, among other tweaks. We understand if you're not in a hurry to try this one out, but the update is available via iTunes or the software update option on your Apple device. If you're bravely rushing once more unto the breach, please let us know how it goes in the comments.

Photos by Will Lipman.

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