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More HBO and Showtime channels can now stream via the FiOS app


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Attention all ye FiOS subscribers: Verizon's announced more new channels for the service's mobile app. While you're still at home, now you can stream FOX Sports 1, HBO Latino HD, MAX Latino HD and More MAX HD to the Android, iOS or Kindle Fire device of your choice. If you're out and about, you'll be able to check out Showtime's Family Zone, Showcase HD and Women channels in addition to Encore's Black and Western channels. Need more? How about making your autumn family road-trip a little easier with Starz's Kids & Family HD option? That's an almost sure-fire ticket to backseat silence. Sure, there are still plenty of channels missing, but it's pretty hard to complain when you can delay hearing "are we there yet?" for at least a little while.

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