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Europe tells Google what to do to better protect people's privacy

Matt Brian, @m4tt

To say Google's had problems in Europe would be an understatement. If it's not been battling fines over its illegal WiFi snooping or trying to handle people's rights to be forgotten, it's faced numerous sanctions over its privacy policies. In a bid to ease the pressure on the search giant, privacy regulators from numerous European countries have issued set of guidelines that they believe will help it sidestep any future action. They expect Google to provide clearer reasons why it collects customer data, which include YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps, and let users know if it intends to share that information with third parties. The company came under fire in 2012, after it decided to consolidate more than 60 privacy policies into one and combine the information it collected across its popular services. The company is ready to work with authorities, though, noting that it's open to feedback and looks forward to discussing the guidelines, suggesting Europeans may soon better understand if Google is being evil (or not).

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