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Move over daily deals, Groupon's getting into groceries


Groupon has always been pretty good for scoring cheap dinners and discounted skydiving lessons, but now that disseminator of daily deals wants to help you save money on your groceries too. Yes, really -- the company just launched a new app called Snap that promises to give you ardent shoppers money back when you buy certain products at the store. The formula is simple enough: once you're done your weekly jaunt to the local grocer, you use the app to snap a photo of your receipt for Groupon to chew on. Buy the right item and you claim some cash back that sits in a wallet of sorts until it hits the $20 threshold -- after that, Groupon cuts you a check and that'll soon land in your mailbox. If that sounds a little unlike the Groupon we all know and tolerate, well, you'd have a point. With so many players vying for recognition in the daily deals space, companies like Groupon have had to search to new ways of making money... even seemingly out-of-character ones like this and the home bulk shopping endeavor it kicked off earlier this year..

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