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HTC exec Mike Woodward leaves for Amazon


Just a couple of years ago, Mike Woodward left a position as AT&T's phone portfolio VP to join HTC, and now Bloomberg reports he's moving on again, to Amazon. At HTC, he was President of the North American division and, later, President of Global Emerging Devices, which would have put him in charge of products like the action camera we're expecting to see HTC reveal tomorrow. The timing makes this even more interesting, and he confirmed to Bloomberg that it occurred within the last month or so. Beyond the frequent executive shuffling we've seen from HTC over the last few months and years, rumors just last month pinned AT&T as the complication that prevented HTC from building a phone for Amazon.

It's not clear what Woodward will be working on at Amazon, but it seems unlikely for the company to just give up after the Fire Phone's disappointing launch earlier this year. It also wouldn't be surprising if the retailer is considering own-brand wearables and/or cameras to go along with all of the other devices it's now selling, but for now we'll be keeping our eyes firmly on HTC. The "Double Exposure" event should kick off around 4PM -- we'll be covering it live and you can expect a video stream on YouTube here.

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