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Get a sweater for the holidays with Ace Attorney Trilogy 3DS


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Capcom announced court dates for the 3DS redrawn, higher-res Ace Attorney Trilogy, with eShop orders scheduled for December 9 in North America and December 11 in Europe.

The constitutional compilation includes the first three GBA/DS games starring sweat-soaked defense attorney Phoenix Wright, namely Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney: Justice for All and Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Legal fees are $30 in North America and 30 euros/£25 across the pond, and like Dual Destinies the game is eShop-only, with no physical release in the West.

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If you've yet to experience the emotionally labile charms of Ace Attorney, Capcom's long-running visual novel series - it officially becomes a teenager tomorrow - is a mix of crime scene investigation and courtroom battling, with the latter the more iconic. Wright and his cavalcade of unusual assistants point, sweat and slam their way to proving their defendants innocent through cross-examinations so bizarre they make Ally McBeal look humdrum.

As for the new 3DS trilogy, Capcom says it takes advantage of the handheld's 3D features, and it includes the Japanese versions of each game as well as the English ones.

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