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Swaive smart thermometer works with iPhone, Health app


The Swaive intelligent in-ear thermometer (US$79.99 for the thermometer, companion app is free) makes the glass-and-mercury model I remember from childhood look like a museum relic. It works as a stand-alone device and syncs data with Apple's Health app, making it easy to track history. I had a chance to talk with Swaive's Gurpal Bhoot about the compelling new device, currently available for preorder.

Anyone who's had to care for someone who's down with a fever knows the importance of keeping a track of the patient's temperature over time. I'm famous for writing those numbers down on a piece of paper, and then promptly losing said paper. Not only does the Swaive keep this history for you, Bhoot says it can use that data in several ways.

"The data that the Swaive gathers gets transferred to the iPhone automatically via low-energy Bluetooth. Now, you can use that information in a variety of ways. For example, you can create a history of each individual's temperature, if you're monitoring more than one sick individual. You can also monitor when each temperature was taken and compare it to a person's typical temperature range, or baseline."

That's great for keeping a nurse or doctor up to day. But what if you're away and someone else is watching the kids? You can opt to get notifications to your phone as well.

The Swaive has the largest display on any thermometer available as well as a built-in flashlight. I shouldn't be as excited about the flashlight as I am, but if you've ever woken up a sick child by turning on the bedroom light, you understand my enthusiasm.

I'm excited about what Apple's iPhone and Health app mean for the wellness and fitness industries. Devices like the Swaive expand the iPhone's capabilities far beyond what I ever imagined for it in 2007.

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