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Sony's Crackle takes aim at Netflix with a 'Joe Dirt' sequel


Netflix may soon be adding four new Adam Sandler flicks to its coffers, but that doesn't mean it's got a monopoly on the ol' Waterboy's creative endeavors. Variety reports that Sandler's producing a sequel for the one and only Joe Dirt exclusively for Sony-owned streaming service (and Netflix competitor) Crackle. Seriously. SNL alum David Spade will once again don the mullet and those acid wash jeans to, well, no one knows quite yet - the first movie saw the eponymous Dirt abandoned by his parents at the Grand Canyon only to learn the true meaning of family 90 minutes later. It's probably safe to assume this new production's budget won't reach the $17 million bar the original did, but hey -- it's still a sign that Crackle won't let Netflix rule the original content roost without a fight. Kudos to them for trying to stick it to a streaming media titan, but really? That's the franchise they thought needed a second chance? Really?

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