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Verizon's announcing its new Droid on October 28th


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It's been leaked to hell and back lately, but no matter - Verizon's finally ready to pull back the curtain on its latest Droid smartphone at an event in New York on October 28. That device is the Droid Turbo, a seemingly super-charged version of this year's Moto X that reportedly wraps an even speedier Snapdragon 805 chipset into a more traditional (some would say more heinous looking) Droid body. No need to lament its looks too much, though: while it keeps the same 5.2-inch screen as the X, Motorola stuck a 21-megapixel rear camera into the Turbo's slimmish chassis, and rumor has it that there's a staggeringly capacious 3,900mAh battery lurking in there to boot. If you've thumbed through our Moto X review, you'll know that those two issues were the only things keeping Moto's newest flagship from smartphone greatness, so forgive us for getting just a little excited to see the Turbo in person. After all, latest year's Droid lineup were just slight variations on the original Moto X theme -- this time Motorola seems to have dramatically upgraded the X formula.

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