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Unable to find a suitor, Twitpic is shutting down on October 25th

Billy Steele

It looked like Twitpic would live on after a trademark spat with Twitter. Last month, the photo-sharing service announced that it was shutting down, and then that it had been acquired. It seems that whatever deal was on the table went south as the service is really truly shutting down on October 25th. Founder Noah Everett took to the company's blog to announce its ultimate fate, stating that "agreeable terms could not be met" after sifting through "a handful of potential acquirers." Everett also said that while the announcement that Twitpic would stay active was premature, the company felt that is was important to let its users know it would keep on trucking as soon as it could. If you need to grab your images, you can get info on exporting data and snapshots here.

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