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Glassy Pro One wants to be the FuelBand for beachbums


Sportsbands or smartwatches try to be all things to all people, but are you going to pit a pricey smartwatch against 20-foot waves? Of course not, and that's where purpose-built devices come in like the Glassy Pro One sportsband for surfers. While far less versatile than a general sportsband, the new device will certainly give you the pertinent info: the number of waves, swell height, your surf speed and the duration of a ride. It can also tell you the weather in about 6,000 spots, help set goals, and of course let you brag about an epic session through the social functions. It's now up for pre-order at $279 in the US, joining Rip Curl's SearchGPS in a suddenly burgeoning surf watch market.

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