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Buy Smash Bros. Wii U, get an amiibo free at Toys R Us

Even if the line of NFC-compatible amiibo toys doesn't eventually reflect Super Smash Bros.' entire roster, buying every figure revealed so far would put you back about $234 (!!!). You can ease into the investment by ordering the game from Toys R Us however, as the chain is offering a free amiibo with the purchase of Smash Bros. on Wii U.

The promotion is offered online while supplies last and is activated by placing both a copy of Smash Bros. and an amiibo of your choice in your cart. When we contacted employees at local stores to see if the deal is valid in store however, we received inconsistent answers, so you may want to call your nearest store before stopping in.

As for the $99.99 bundle that includes a GameCube-style controller, adapter and a copy of Smash Bros., it's currently absent from Toys R Us' website. We've contacted Toys R Us' PR department to see if the bundle will also eventually be compatible with the free amiibo deal and will update if we hear anything.
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