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Begun, the iPhone 7 renders have


The iPhone 6 Plus is just finally getting settled into my pocket -- my front pocket, not my back pocket because I'm not 13 years old and I take care of my devices like an adult so they don't bend -- but there are already some that are looking forward to the iPhone 7.
iphone 7
One of those people is Jimmy Benson, who has whipped up these fantastic iPhone 7 renders that show a sharper body style and a reimagined home button. Other tweaks from the existing iPhone 6 models include an edge-to-edge display, a completely solid back panel, and five app columns instead of the current four. It's a pretty slick looking device, but we all know by the time the iPhone 7 launches we'll be able to embed our smartphones into our brains anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

[Photo credit: Jimmy Benson]

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