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Reddit's new crowdfunding site draws on your fellow fans for help


The Reddit community already has a knack for rallying people around common causes, whether they're charities, fan shirts or getting soldiers decent toilet paper. Wouldn't it make sense to create a crowdfunding site that harnesses that energy? Apparently, Reddit agrees. Its new Redditmade site not only lets you raise funds for projects, but gives those projects a promotional boost if they're linked to official subreddit campaigns. You'll get extra attention on Redditmade, and Reddit itself will automatically generate free ads. And, as is often the case with Reddit, there's a charity angle -- if a project exceeds its goal, you can donate the extra proceeds to another organization (including Reddit's charity fund). You don't have to be a redditor to sign up, so feel free to give the site a look if you're thinking of pitching in.

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