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Flipboard gets a makeover and thousands of new topics


The folks at Flipboard must have been crazy busy these past months: the company has just unleashed a huge update for its iOS and Android apps, a few weeks after finally releasing an app for Windows Phone. This update gives the digital magazine/social network aggregator a major makeover, with a new font and a brand new menu bar at the bottom. The menu, which you can see above, gives you quick access to your home page, redesigned profile, news tiles, notifications and an improved search function. In addition, the app comes with a feature called "The Daily Edition," a curated roundup (by the Flipboard team) of all the top stories from the day before, complete with an animated GIF at the end.

This new feature's available in several versions (US, UK, Latin America, US Latino, Brazil and India), and you can find it among your tiles every 7AM. Of course, you can still create your own magazines whenever you want: you even have more topics to choose from now, thanks to Flipboard snapping up Zite in March. When you do update the app or download it from iTunes or Google Play, you'll find that you now have 34,000 topics to peruse, from fun boardgames to serious zoology news.

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