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A Halloween party where the costumes are 3D-printed (and a little hot)


Tokyo's FabCafe is a creator space dedicated to laser-cutting, 3D-printing and other things that give off the faint smell of burnt plastic and hardboard. It also just held its annual Halloween Party, but this year decided to add a new element: 3D-printed costumes. The "GRUE" projected accepted costume and headwear designs over the last month and a half (see some entries here), and then proceeded to print them out over the last few days. The results are pretty broad, but most of them share a common theme, aside from them all being spun out of a machine -- they're all white. Most were also pretty heavy -- and they're not really the kind of costumes you can wear a long time. Things get warm inside. We took a peek behind the preparation, and then got dressed up to attend.

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