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Samsung brings Korea's elderly a new flip-phone with dual screens


Samsung's Master range of flip-phones for the elderly only launched in May, and already the company is ready with a follow-up. The new Master Dual's biggest new feature is, unsurprisingly, the addition of a 2.2-inch display above the clamshell that complements the 3-incher that's tucked inside. In every other respect, we're looking at a pretty basic device, with a 3-megapixel primary camera, GPS and 2G radios. On the upside, it does have a peace-of-mind feature if you're concerned about your folks, since the phone will alert relatives if it hasn't been used in a set period of time. If you're in Korea and have 300,300 won in your back pocket (around $280) then you can grab one of these from your local branch of SK Telecom.

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