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Lytro's light field camera tech to boost night vision and space imaging

Billy Steele

Lytro wants other companies to use its light field photo technology to improve their devices, and not just photography wares. In order to do that, the company outed the Lytro Development Kit (LDK) as part of its Platform initiative. At first, you might think this if for other consumer device makers, but it goes way beyond that. In the announcement, the outfit tossed out some examples of more commercial R&D-type scenarios for its imaging know-how. "Since Lytro's inception, we've continually been approached by a number of organizations wanting to collaborate with us on a wide variety of new applications," said CEO Jason Rosenthal. Things like NASA improving its imaging in space and Army Night Vision projects are already using the kit, and there's potential for things like a gadget that analyzes soil samples for scientists. There's a hefty fee to get access to the goods, so this is definitely a B2B move, but it'll certainly be interesting to see the results.

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