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Blizzard's next game is 'Overwatch,' an online superhero shooter


Blizzard is breaking out of its role-playing and strategy niches in a big, big way. The game developer has just unveiled Overwatch, a superhero-focused, team-based multiplayer shooter. Details of how it works are scarce, but it's definitely more lighthearted than the likes of Diablo. Think of it as a cross between Team Fortress 2 and The Incredibles, with an added emphasis on high-tech weaponry. Blizzard isn't talking release dates or platforms, but a release is "nearer than you think." BlizzCon attendees will try an early version of Overwatch, and a beta test is due in 2015 -- unlike Titan, there's a good chance you'll get to play this yourself. Itching for just a little more? Peep the BlizzCon trailer after the break!

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