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Court order stops Bitcasa from deleting your cloud data, for now (updated)


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If you're miffed that Bitcasa not only dropped its unlimited cloud storage option but made you migrate to a costlier limited tier just to keep your files, you'll be glad to hear that you're getting a reprieve. Angry customers have filed a tentative class action lawsuit against Bitcasa for allegedly breaching its contract through the sudden switch. In tandem with the suit, the court handling the case has granted a restraining order that forces Bitcasa to save those files until at least November 20th. That's not exactly a long interval, but there's a hearing on the 19th that could extend the grace period further.

The complaint isn't meant to make Bitcasa change its mind and bring back its Infinite service. At the moment, attorneys are focused on compensation and giving subscribers enough time to get all their files. As you might imagine, that could take a while when people paid for unrestricted online space. There's no certainty that the lawsuit will succeed, but it might serve as a warning to other internet storage outlets that are thinking of scaling back their features.

Update 11/20: The hearing on the 19th didn't extend the restraining order any further, to the chagrin of some users but to Bitcasa's relief; it claims that it was costing $67,000 per day to obey the ruling. The company isn't out of the woods yet, though. The lawsuit is still underway, and the court denied Bitcasa's request to keep some document filings out of sight.

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