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O2 launches shared data plans for gadget-lovers and families


New mobile tariffs often aren't the easiest things to get your head around, but thankfully, O2's not putting too much pressure on our grey matter this morning. Joining EE and Vodafone, O2 has today launched a couple of relatively simple data-sharing plans for individuals and families alike. Anyone on an O2 Refresh contract with 1GB of data per month or more can now share that allowance with other SIM-slotted devices. Pricing for this new "Sharer Plan" starts at £6 per month, with the cost added to your existing monthly bill. Under the "Family Sharer Plan," new contracts that include between 1GB and 8GB of data can share it across up to ten devices. Each additional SIM costs an extra £15 per month, and comes with unlimited minutes and texts (you also get a £25 restaurant voucher if you take out a plan with at least two voice-enabled SIMs). If data is all that's required, additional connections start at £6 per month. Both of these sharing options are now available in-store and over the phone today, but not online just yet.

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