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Clothespin piano lets you play music on your iPad


iOS developer Adam Kumpf had a problem -- he wanted to play piano on his iPad, but there was no physical piano keyboard attachment. Instead of merely lamenting about the issue, Kumpf used his engineering know-how to design his own keyboard using everyday household items.

The DIY iPad piano keyboard was made from aluminum foil, clothespins, tape and rubber bands. Combined, they create wooden keys that simulate the touch of your fingers on the screen. You can see the keyboard creation in action in the video below.

Kumpf describes his homemade project in a recent blog post and provides more details on his Instructables page for those who would like to try their own hand at making a DIY piano. Though his version is compatible with the Fiddlewax music apps he developed, you could use his creation as inspiration for your own design.

[Via CNET]

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