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Epic issues Fortnite alpha invites


Fortnite, Epic Games' co-op tower defense game, has just sent out its first wave of alpha invites. If you signed up at, check your email and spam filters.

"The emails either say 'You've Been Selected!' or 'You're Invited' depending on whether it's a friend invite or they've been selected by us," an Epic Games representative tells Joystiq. The company is currently pulling a random selection of folks who've signed up for the game over the past couple of years.

The initial Alpha test will run December 2-19, and "more invites will be going out over the course of this week." Each invite allows players to invite two friends, since the game is definitely a cooperative experience.

"During this phase of the Alpha, Epic is testing to verify at a larger scale that the basic systems in the game function properly, from sign-ups and patching, to gameplay," the company stated. "We have tons of great stuff in store for 2015."

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