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Singstar Frozen revealed by European ratings board


Just when you managed to push "Let It Go" out of your brain, the Pan European Game Information group reveals that Sony's Singstar series of karaoke games will soon spawn a new edition dedicated to the music of Disney's mega-hit animated feature Frozen.

As usual, beyond the initial reveal, the PEGI listing is largely devoid of useful information. PEGI claims the game is titled "Singstar Frozen," that it's being published by Sony for the PlayStation 3, and that singing along to Frozen's hit tunes is suitable for anyone above the age of three.

Following the PEGI reveal, we contacted Sony for more information. The publisher was willing to confirm Singstar Frozen (as well as a previously unrevealed PlayStation 4 version of the game), but offers no further gameplay information. "We are very excited to be bringing the phenomenally popular songs from Disney's Frozen to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 with the launch of Singstar Frozen," Sony stated, before noting that licensing issues may prevent the game from appearing in certain regions at launch.

Sony also claims that more information on the game, including a release date and track listing, will arrive soon.
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