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Instapaper for iOS adds device handoff support and unread count


One of the major frustrations of using a service like Instapaper to read long articles is sometimes you've got to switch devices. Maybe your phone battery is dying or you simply don't want to read tiny text on your phone anymore, but switching back to your computer or iPad means finding your place all over again.

That problem has been fixed in the latest update of the popular article clipping app, creating a seamless reading experience between devices. We've tested the feature out on a long, twenty printed pages, article reading across the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro. Each time the app perfectly found exactly where we left off in the article. For fans of Longreads, Grantland, or other long form article sites this update will be a godsend.

The update also introduces a new Unread Count that tells you exactly how many articles you've saved but haven't read yet. It's a nice reminder of articles you may have forgotten about if you tend to go on saving sprees. In addition, the saving experience across all platforms has been updated so that your screen no longer goes black when you save an article. Now the service simply notifies you at the top of your screen when the article is saved.

You can find the latest version of Instapaper for free right now in the iTunes Store.

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