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Want a pair of 1st gen iPhones? Fork over $30,000


The original iPhone is a bit of a rarity these days thanks to its age and the number of units that have undoubtedly been smashed, dropped, or plopped into a toilet, so finding a working one will cost you. Finding a sealed box with one of Apple's first smartphones inside is even harder, so you can imagine how much it will cost you if you want both in the same package. Actually, you don't have to imagine at all, I'll just tell you: US$30,000.

A pair of iPhone 2Gs has just appeared on a single eBay listing -- one "lightly used" and one still sealed in its box -- along with the collectible (?) iPhone gift bag that they were placed in for their trip home from the Apple Store. Both are the larger 8GB models and both are obviously in pristine condition. Whether or not that warrants a price tag the size of a new SUV is of course up to you.

The seller, who has a 100% approval rating with over 800 sales, ships to anywhere in the world... except for Russia. A special note on the listing reads "Not shipping to Russia... no shipping to Russia." Perhaps the recent Apple vs. Russia atmosphere is drifting over to eBay as well?

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