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Comcast's new customer service fix: use the app to schedule a call


Years of being dinged for ineffective and unresponsive customer service may be catching up to Comcast, which is finally responding with some much-needed tweaks. Charlie Herrin became its SVP of Customer Experience in September, bringing new features to the My Account app (iOS, Android) that track the progress of field technicians and now, arrange customer service call backs. The way it works, customers can initiate troubleshooting within the app, and if that doesn't work or doesn't apply, choose a convenient time for a rep to call them instead of wasting time sitting on hold. There's also an option to tweet for support as well, so whatever way you prefer works. Options like this have existed before, with phone prompts during periods of high call volume, but putting it in the app should make it easier for customers to monitor when their issue will be addressed without having to go through the phone tree in the first place.

In the face of some customer service horror stories, Comcast has had little to say about how its attempts to get bigger will provide benefits to its customers, but it's making some front-end changes that should help a little (for example, finally supporting HBO Go and Showtime Anytime on Roku is nice but there are other apps and platforms to address too -- and that's just a start). Of course, if it's looking for a next step, the policy, service and pricing changes that people have been requesting for years are all wide open to be addressed.

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