Joystiq Deals: Analogue Nt retro console giveaway

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Joystiq Staff
January 14th, 2015
Joystiq Deals: Analogue Nt retro console giveaway
In its latest giveaway, Joystiq Deals is offering retro gaming fans the opportunity to play classic NES games (and even games exclusive to the Japanese Famicom) in modern style. The Analogue Nt (pictured above) is modeled from a single block of aluminum and uses the same CPU and PPU found in Nintendo's iconic 1980s gaming console. It even works with all of the console's accessories, from the Power Pad to the Zapper light gun, and supports modern video output standards like HDMI.

Though designed to play games from three decades ago, all of the modern craftsmanship in the Analogue Nt makes the gadget expensive - it normally features a $550 price tag. For the next six days, however, you can enter to win one by visiting the Joystiq Deals website and entering the pertinent information. For full contest rules, see this wall of text.
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