Samsung event teaser hints that 'what's next' is a curvy Galaxy

Samsung's pre-announcement clues are sometimes cryptic at best, but it's not being especially subtle this time around. Hours after Tinhte first revealed that something was up, Samsung has posted a "what's next" teaser for a March 1st Galaxy Unpacked event in Barcelona whose centerpiece is the shadowy profile of a curvy-looking device. While it's not perfectly clear what this image represents, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the right-hand side of the Galaxy Note Edge, where the smartphone's signature curved display tapers off. Seeing as how Samsung isn't about to re-unveil a phone, our money's on the teaser alluding to a Galaxy S6 with an Edge-like screen, whether it's optional (as SamMobile rumored earlier) or standard issue. Whatever shows up, it's pretty obvious that March 1st is going to be a very busy day in the Android world -- we'll be sure to attend those events and let you know what Samsung, HTC and others have to offer.