21 small game studios worth watching in 2015

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Jessica Conditt
February 6th, 2015
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21 small game studios worth watching in 2015

Independent games are like those weird after-hours parties held in vast, empty warehouses where anything that can happen, does. As the costs and risks of creating AAA-games such as Call of Duty, Destiny or Halo rise, more developers have stepped to the side and now attempt to build innovative, wild games on their own or in small teams. There are thousands of independent developers in the industry, and collected here are 21 studios that stand out for their uniqueness, business savvy and high-quality work.

Be sure to keep these names and games up your sleeve for the next time you find yourself surrounded by strangers in a big, bumpin' warehouse.

Gallery: 21 small game studios to watch in 2015 | 21 Photos

  • Acid Nerve
  • Amplitude Studios
  • Asteroid Base
  • Capy Games
  • Cardboard Computer
  • Cipher Prime
  • Cockroach Inc.
  • Cubeheart Games
  • Dennaton Games
  • Fullbright
  • Ivy Games
  • Tom Jubert
  • Klei Entertainment
  • Northway Games
  • Pippin Barr
  • Richard Hofmeier
  • Ryan Green
  • Tale of Tales
  • Vlambeer
  • Asher Vollmer
  • Yacht Club Games
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