Cyanogen finds a Gmail replacement for its alternative Android

Cyanogen's plan to offer viable alternatives to Google's stock Android apps starts with an email app. Specifically, Boxer's email app. The company best known for its alternative Android ROMs announced today that its next update, Cyanogen OS 12, will come with Boxer's software baked in as its default mail client. That should give its users something more polished than the community-built solution Cyanogen has been offering so far, and it gives it an email client that could eventually replace the Gmail app. And that's a big deal, as the company hasn't been shy about its dissatisfaction with Google's handling of Android, which has becoming increasingly tied to the search giant's services. (It even refused a buyout offer from Google.) If Cyanogen truly wants to create a more open version of Android, it'll need more partners like Boxer.

One big plus for Cyanogen users: The Boxer integration includes all of the app's premium features, including Exchange support, multiple accounts, and quick replies. You'll also be able to customize things to an insane degree, like choosing a different LED color for email notifications from every account, or selecting what happens when you swipe right or left on a message. Basically, it sounds like the sort of thing Cyanogen's choice-obsessed fans will appreciate.

The new Boxer-powered Cyanogen email experience will be available in Cyanogen OS 12, which will be rolling out in the coming weeks for the OnePlus One and YU Yureka.