A new MacBook, net neutrality and other stories you might've missed!

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A new MacBook, net neutrality and other stories you might've missed!

Did you miss some of this week's biggest stories? Fear not, because we have you covered. First up, check out our impressions of Apple's new MacBook, then read Jeb Bush's thoughts on net neutrality (hint: it's crazy) and take a closer look at the Apple Watch. You can find all this and more in our weekend roundup.

The new MacBook is impressive, but not for everyone (hands-on)

Who would have thought that the most interesting thing to come out of Apple's "Spring Forward" event would actually be a new laptop? In addition to spilling more details on its new smartwatch, the company also unveiled a brand-new (and long-awaited) update to the MacBook Air. Well, sort of. The "new MacBook," as it's called isn't actually an upgrade to the Air at all; it exists as an entirely new product line, separate from both the Air and the Pro.

Jeb Bush believes net neutrality rules are the 'craziest ideas'

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush isn't about to break with the party line on net neutrality. The former Florida Governor told those at an Iowa question-and-answer session this weekend that the FCC's decision to classify broadband as a utility was "one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard."

One month to launch: A closer look at Apple's Watch

I was never a watch guy. Actually, let me rephrase - I was never a watch guy until I bought a Tissot online for giggles (and about $350). That day sort of changed the way I looked at these seemingly archaic wrist appliances. They become a statement about you. They can make you feel awesome. And, perhaps most importantly to Apple, they can stop being a thing you wear and become something you don't want to take on your day without.

These companies think the future of wearables is wellness, not watches

Whisper it, but if the trend at London's Wearable Technology Show is any indication then the future of wearables may not be in fitness. Yesterday, Apple announced a medical research platform in the form of Research kit and less than 24 hours afterward, the dominant theme is not about pleasing marathon runners. "There's a kudos in sport," says Smartlife's Martin Ashby - one of the exhibitors at the show. "But the future of wearables is in health and wellbeing."

Hillary Clinton: 'I think I went above and beyond' email requirements

The most contentious work-related email debate of this month (at least) continued today, as likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a press conference (video) at the UN headquarters. The topic? Her use of a self-hosted email address during her time as Secretary of State. She gave a statement, then answered a few questions from the press, claiming that her choice to use a personal address was done for convenience.

How Valve's secret meeting got devs on board with Steam VR

Alex Schwartz expected robes. His development studio, Owlchemy Labs, received a cryptic email from Valve, one of the largest and most mysterious companies in the gaming industry, on an otherwise normal day in October: The message contained a secrecy agreement, plane tickets and the vague assertion that this was all about something related to virtual reality. Owlchemy responded with suspicion and intrigue. "What the hell is this? Who's coming? What is this all about?" Valve responded, "We can't say anything more. Just come."

HBO Now is cutting the cord, but there are still a few strings

With the exception of some special internet offers, until now the (legit) way to get HBO has been straightforward - order it from your cable company along with a big TV bundle. Today, Apple and HBO took a leap over that paywall by announcing their partnership to launch the internet-only HBO Now. The only problem? That combination brings its own set of restrictions, and if you want a way around them, then help could come from a most unlikely source: your cable company.

HTC's bigger, flatter One E9 smartphone poses for the camera (update: specs)

If you thought HTC's One M9 was just too small or too bulky, you'll be glad to hear that the company has something bigger in store... yes, literally. Chinese regulators recently spoiled the surprise for the One E9, a 5.5-inch cousin to the 5-inch M9 that ditches the curved metal back for a flatter (and somewhat Desire Eye-like) body. This isn't just a re-skin à la the One E8, folks. There may be big changes under the hood, too.

Sesame Street's executive producer on staying relevant after 46 years

Thanks to Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, the competition for kid's eyeballs is fiercer than ever, but that's not slowing down Sesame Street. Now in its 46th year, the show is making a bigger and bigger push into social media, with often hilarious (but secretly educational) results. I sat down with the show's Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, Carol Lynn-Parente, shortly after meeting my new best friend, Cookie Monster, to talk about the show's digital life and more.

Motorola's best budget smartphone just got even better

It's no surprise that the Moto G is the bestselling smartphone in Motorola's history - it's always had solid specs and featured a class-leading display. Perhaps the only complaint is that the first- and second-generation handsets haven't launched with 4G support. That isn't to say Motorola isn't including it; it's just that it takes a while to get there. Now, finally, the company has decided to make the best budget phone you can buy even faster.

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