Waze knows how long you'll be stuck in traffic

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Mariella Moon
April 2nd, 2015
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Waze knows how long you'll be stuck in traffic

It happens: you get caught in a traffic jam, because you either ignore Waze's warnings or have no other choice. Thankfully, an update for both iOS and Android versions of the app adds a feature that should make the delay (at least a little) less excruciating. The Traffic Bar shows your progress along a road with heavy traffic, plus how much time it estimates you'll spend stuck in the jam. This Waze refresh also makes it easier to retrieve an old account on a new phone and adds a voice prompt ("Let's go via [insert road here]") that tells you the best routes to take. Finally, both apps were tweaked to run faster, which is always a welcome upgrade for something you're supposed to use in a moving vehicle.

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