A radioactive drone landed on the Japanese Prime Minister's office (update: arrest)

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Japan has a mystery on its hands. A worker has discovered a drone on top of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's office that was not only carrying a water bottle, but was marked with a radioactive sign and carried a "miniscule" amount of radiation, according to officials. While the quantity wasn't enough to harm anyone, the landing raised more than a few alarms, as you can see by the giant tarp and swarm of police in the photo here. Who was behind it? And how did they get on to the roof undetected?

There aren't any dead giveaways as to who's responsible, but the drone landing comes right as a court approved the restart of a nuclear power station. Abe has been keen to revive nuclear power in the years since the earthquake and tsunami that ruined the Fukushima nuclear reactor, but he still faces a lot of opposition -- this may well be an attention-grabbing protest. Whoever's responsible, the touchdown could have Japan thinking about tighter restrictions on drone flights around government offices.

Update 4/25: The drone's pilot, Yasuo Yamamoto, has turned himself in. Sure enough, he was protesting the government's pro-nuclear energy policy.

[Image credit: Jiji Press/AFP/Getty Images]

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