Now there's a wearable for tracking your farts

Unless you're Le Pétomane, Terrence, Philip or Leslie Nielsen, you probably don't like the gaseous emissions that leak from your ass every now and again. Farts, you see, are a result of digestion, but unless you're paying attention to your diet, it's hard to work out what causes the most obnoxious of bum gases. That's where CH4 comes in, a wearable that sits in your back pocket or belt loop, keeping count of every air biscuit that you bake. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we're now at the point where we need a crowdfunded gadget to warn us when we've let one rip.

The sensor, naturally, only comes into its own when paired with a mobile app, which asks that you log every component of your meals. Then, once it's sniffed enough of your Paul Blart: Mall Blarts, it'll identify which foodstuffs are causing your most obnoxious guffs and advise you to stop eating them. CH4 is the brainchild of artist and engineer Rodrigo Narciso, and while he assures us that the project is legitimate, this could still be one very long-winded prank. Unfortunately, Narciso's vision of a world where farts are no more doesn't look like it'll arrive any time soon. That's because the Kickstarter to back the gadget has raised less than $2,000 on a goal of $180,000.