iPad 'test model' swiped in Cupertino kidnapping

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Mariella Moon
April 29th, 2015
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iPad 'test model' swiped in Cupertino kidnapping

Despite Apple's notorious love for secrecy, it famously lost a prototype device in the past (maybe even two), when one of its employees left it in a bar. Now, the company might have lost another: a 20-year-old man reported that a couple robbed his Cupertino home and took an iPad "test model" with them, along with $7,500, prescription drugs and more electronics. It's unclear at this point what exactly "test model" means, and if it's a prototype for an upcoming version or one for an earlier iteration. Either way, it hasn't been returned yet, even though the couple is already in custody.

According to Mercury News, the victim was kidnapped by the duo after answering the woman's advertisement (its nature wasn't revealed) and meeting them two blocks away. They all drove to the victim's house, where his guests pepper-sprayed him at knifepoint. While authorities refused to divulge more details about the tablet, we'll likely hear more about it in case it's an upcoming version. After all, Apple has already proven that it'll go to great lengths to retrieve and protect its unreleased devices.
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