This speaker lights on fire (and it's supposed to)

Your Sonos setup is pretty handy, what with its wireless audio and all that, but you know what it's missing? A mothereffin' open flame that bounces along to your music's beat, that's what. Because seriously, a jammin' stereo is basically useless if it doesn't run the risk of burning down the your house. And before you ask, no The Sound Torch wasn't concocted by The Talking Heads' David Byrne. However! Its Danish designers say that it's perfect for either your next DJ set or family picnic. For the latter you could probably even skip using one of those grody public grills with these feats of pyrotechnics. What's more, the flame pattern and height apparently changes based on the beat and style of music you're playing.

The Bluetooth air-pusher's been in the works for awhile now and it's about to hit Kickstarter at an "affordable" price, but there's a catch: as of now, only 100 of these possible safety-hazards are being made for the first wave. Probably a good thing because we don't need a fire extinguisher shortage going into summer.