'Divinity: Original Sin' casts its classic RPG spell on consoles

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'Divinity: Original Sin' casts its classic RPG spell on consoles

Lots of people thought that Diablo 3 wouldn't have been possible on consoles and it proved the best version of the title. Now it's time to see if the same holds true of last year's breakout role-playing game Divinity: Original Sin in the form of an Enhanced Edition. The decidedly old-school RPG's getting a revamped interface, split-screen couch co-op and full-on voice work throughout for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The tweaks don't stop there either, as it's also getting some new quests among others along with tweaks to the combat system (likely to accommodate gamepads) and story.

If you were worried about the Kickstarted fantasy game abandoning its PC roots for the console peasants, backers get access to Enhanced Edition as part of a free update across Linux, Mac, SteamOS and Windows. When it all happens isn't immediately clear, but developer Larian Studios teases more info will come at next month's Electronics Entertainment Expo.

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