Bing's smarter video search is big on music

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Jon Fingas
June 21st, 2015
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Bing's smarter video search is big on music

Microsoft knows that Bing's video search looks more than a little outdated in an era when YouTube frequently doubles as a music player. Accordingly, it's giving the feature a much-needed makeover. The new page puts a much stronger emphasis on music videos -- search for a recognizable tune and you'll get an extra-large video that will play in place. The upgrade also moves related searches in-line with the original, so you'll have a better shot at finding that elusive cover song or remix.

You'll get bigger thumbnails as well, and there are additional video details (such as channels and view counts) to help sort the official clips from the poorly produced bootlegs. Is this upgrade going to make you ditch Google when you're hunting down tracks? Probably not (Google already pushes hard on music videos), but it'll give you an alternative if you regularly have trouble finding footage.
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