Apple Watch patent would have you sharing files with a handshake

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Apple Watch patent would have you sharing files with a handshake

Wondering how you'd exchange info between smartwatches when their displays are so small? Apple thinks it has an easy answer: make the same gestures you already use to greet your friends. The tech firm has applied for a patent on a system that exchanges data between wearables (presumably Apple Watches) whenever both people make a similar greeting gesture, such as a handshake, bow or fist bump. The watches would only need to use their motion sensors and short-range wireless to tell that you're getting cozy -- you wouldn't need to tap the screen at all. Devices could also swap different kinds of data depending on the exact gesture and how well you know the other person, so you'd only share contact info if you're grabbing hands for the first time. There's no guarantee that Apple will roll this feature into the Watch any time soon, but it strikes us as a very logical (and, dare we say it, handy) upgrade.

Photo by Will Lipman.

Apple's data exchange patent

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