Nest's home security camera comes to the UK

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Nick Summers
July 7, 2015 4:51 AM
Nest's home security camera comes to the UK

Last month, Nest unveiled two new products that could make your home a whole lot safer: a revamped Protect smoke alarm and a wireless Nest Cam security camera. Both quickly debuted in the US and now, they're available in the UK too. The new £159 Nest Cam is clearly inspired by Dropcam -- the startup that Nest acquired last year for $555 million. The hardware offers some useful improvements though, such as a magnetic base (with tripod mount) that can be easily attached to most home surfaces. It also shoots in 1080p and uses eight built-in infrared LEDs to record and detect motion after dark. You can check the camera's live feed from your phone and "soon" Nest will be launching its Aware cloud backup service (£8 per month) so you can review anything from the last 30 days.

The second-gen Protect, meanwhile, is slightly smaller and curvier than its predecessor, with a new "split-spectrum sensor" that better detects both fast and slow-spreading fires. There's also deeper integration with the Nest companion app, which lets you silence deafening alarms from your phone and test the device's various speakers and sensors. Just like the previous model, all of this will set you back £89 online and in stores.

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