Tinder adds verified profiles for people way out of your league

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Devindra Hardawar
July 7th, 2015
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Tinder adds verified profiles for people way out of your league

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Tinder is stepping into verified profiles for "notable public figures." Those semi-celebrities will get a blue check mark on their profiles and, consequently, perhaps more attention than they'd like. Tinder announced last year that it was exploring verified profiles for celebrities, but it looks like the feature has taken a while to get up and running. The company isn't offering any details on how people can sign up for verified profiles, but former CEO Sean Rad hinted that it might be based on your Facebook verification status. We'll likely start hearing about the process from the Chosen Ones soon. Overall, it's a pretty unsurprising move for Tinder, since it will help prevent imposters from posing as notable people. But it'll be interesting to see how that little blue check mark starts affecting the service. Swipe right, and pray.

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