Spotify boosts its dance music cred with a Beatport deal

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Jon Fingas
July 22nd, 2015
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Spotify boosts its dance music cred with a Beatport deal

Beatport might be the first place you visit if you want to hear a DJ's latest single or remix, but it's no longer quite as exclusive as it used to be. The service has struck a deal to bring its music and video to Spotify, including tunes that were previously exclusives. Moreover, this isn't just a content dump -- Beatport parent SFX is promising that it'll have a "unique program" on Spotify, and that this represents the first real team-up between Spotify and another streaming music platform.

The Spotify pact is arguably the biggest yet for Beatport, which is trying to expand beyond its one-stop shop reputation to create a whole distribution network. It's also important for Spotify, which could use Beatport as a counter to Apple Music's discovery features. The Apple service already has both legions of its own electronic music playlists as well as curators like DJ Mag -- this wouldn't be a direct equivalent, but it would give you an incentive to come back and explore music you otherwise wouldn't have heard.

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