Uber opens car-leasing program to lure in more drivers

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Uber opens car-leasing program to lure in more drivers

Over the past few days, Uber's been busy introducing new PR stunts and dealing with a controversy about its app being deceitful. Today the company's making a move that, if it works according to plan, will benefit its long-term business strategy: it is piloting a car-leasing program for people who want to be Uber drivers. Up until now, the ridesharing firm had worked with Santander Consumer USA to offer a similar option to people, but this is the first time it's going to be done in-house. And Uber will have both new and used cars up for lease. As Re/code reports, California, Georgia and Maryland will have access to it initially -- but knowing Uber, it won't be long before the program heads to more states and, perhaps, more countries.

Update: Here are more details on how Uber's program, Xchange Leasing, will work.

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