Instagram won't let feed-reading apps browse your pics anymore

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If you're one of the few still using a third-party app to browse Instagram feeds, you'll need to make other arrangements soon. The photo-sharing app is killing support of the feed API that allows outside apps and websites to pull in your feed as part of a larger effort to clean up its platform. With updates to its Platform Policy, Instagram will only let apps that help users share their photos access your collection of snapshots. For example, software that allows to your print your snapshots or use your Instagram photos as a profile picture will still be supported. Instagram will continue to lend a hand to advertisers and allow images and videos to be used on the web via embeds.

The company is also starting a review process next month for any app that requests full API access and developers have until June 1, 2016 to gain approval. Starting today, new apps won't be able to leverage Instagram's feed and popular APIs, but existing software will maintain access until next summer's deadline. The changes will ultimately give you more control of the content you create and allow Instagram to focus its development efforts inward. It also means cutting down on apps like InstaAgent that collected usernames and passwords. Unfortunately, it also likely signals the end of access for folks with devices that don't run iOS or Android as well.

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