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DVDs of 'The Interview' will be airdropped on North Korea


Sony's once-forbidden The Interview is now seemingly ubiquitous, but there's one place where you can't get it: North Korea, the country that inspired the movie (and allegedly, the hacking campaign) in the first place. If defector and activist Park Sang-hak has his way, though, North Koreans will see that movie whether or not their government approves. Park plans to use balloons to airdrop 100,000 copies of the comedy (both on DVD and USB drives) in the country starting in late January. In theory, North Koreans will have second thoughts about Kim Jong-un's rule once they see him as less than perfect -- and if you've seen the movie, you know how eagerly it knocks Kim off his pedestal.

It's an ambitious plan that's bound to irk the North Korean regime. However, the challenge isn't so much getting the balloons to their targets as it is finding Northerners who can watch The Interview at all. Few in the isolated nation even own computers or DVD players, and those that do are likely to be either afraid of getting caught or pampered government workers who'd rather not rock the boat. Besides, more than a few people would argue that the flick isn't a ringing endorsement for the democratic way of life. All the same, it's fun to think that some Northerners will soon have a relatively easy way to watch a movie their leadership has been railing against for weeks.

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